MYOB Multi Currency

Exciting news. MYOB is implementing Multi currency in the next MYOB Accountright update. (2018.3)

After years of being in the pipeline, it’s nearly here.

BAS lodgement TIP

Make sure you keep proof of your BAS lodgement when lodging on line.  Read more


BAS Agent

My recent experience completing the BAS agent course, hopefully this will provide an insight for those agents yet to complete the course. Link to full article.


Business Software Expo

I’ve recently been to a business software expo hosted by Atronics Consulting in Melbourne.

It was interesting to see what software is available for Small to Medium businesses.

The sessions that I attended were very informative and were presented by industry experts in the accounting software field.  The two main one’s I attended were:  Read more


Small Business Victoria online

Small Business Victoria have a great website to assist all businesses not only small business.

Here is a link to their latest newsletter.

I so agree with the first article about reputation being more valuable than money.  It comes back to that good old tradition of Customer service. Think about what your customers want, they will repay you by their repeat business and more. See links

Register for an AUSkey

An AUSkey is a secure on line way to access your Tax accounts, you can view the balance of the your tax account, lodge your BAS on line and many other features.

In the future SBR (Standard Business Reporting) can be utilised by exporting reports directly from your accounting software to the tax office. Many software companies have this capability or are working on it.  For example CashFlow Manager Version 8 has introduced SBR.  Video link attached.

Cloud Software

Make sure you have a fast internet connection before moving software to the Cloud. It can very slow if the internet is not fast enough because it is constantly trying to sync with the data on the cloud (remote hosting server via the internet) and may not be worth the trouble. Cloud Software can be great for smaller businesses wanting to use ipads or mobile phones for immediate access and quoting ie electricians… Read More

Choosing a Software Package

Choosing a Software package for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make.
Almost of similar importance to buying a car or house.
It will need to last a long time to provide an acceptable pay back.
You want it to be most suited to your business needs…Read More

Business Networking

Went to a great business Networking night with Peninsula Business Networking Inc. The speaker was Terry Dillon COO of St Kilda Football Club. He was very inspirational talking about leadership, reporting processes and structure. He instilled the need to look at the future. This is what we all need to do with our businesses. Sometimes we are guilty of getting busy attending to day to day tasks. The venue was the fabulous Morning Star Estate near Mornington.

Small Business Reporting Challenges

Small business reporting, a topic dear to our heart. I went to a seminar on Monday hosted by the Institute of Public Accountants and Deakin University to discuss Regulation, Competition and taxation and the challenges it creates for small business and accountants. There were excellent presenters and all agreed there are many hurdles for business to keep up with reporting for Super, BAS, Payroll tax, FBT, Work cover and many state government regulations. Even though everyone agreed running a small business with limited expertise is challenging however a solution has not been found yet.

Free Directories

I’ve been advised that it’s a good idea to list in every free web directory you can as it can help your google ranking.  So here I go.

There are many sites, so do a search in google for the latest free directories list.

Some directories asks you to link to their website so you need to include a link section in your website.

Enterprise Search

Australian Online Finance
Come on Aussie have groovy system of showing a mini version of your home page.

See more