Business Software Expo

I’ve recently been to a Business software expo hosted by Atronics Consulting.

It was interesting to see what software is available for Small to Medium businesses.

The sessions that I attended were very informative and were presented by industry experts in the accounting and business software field.  The two main one’s I attended were:

Put yourself in Financial Control – making your numbers talk and your systems work presented by Peter McLean, Charted Accountant at In Financial Control.   He was very knowledgeable and outlined some important key points regarding putting you in Financial Control of your business and also expert advice on what to look out for when implementing new Accounting Software in your business.  He can be found at .

Outgrown your accounting software? It’s time to take your business to the next level.  Presented by Michael MacLiver of Triumph Business Systems.  This was also a very informative session outlining some helpful hints on what to look out for and how to migrate to a more suitable Accounting & Business Software package.  Michael was at the Expo to demonstrate Triumph Business Systems Software however he gave some great advice for all users and was gracious to mention other accounting systems.  He advised it is a must to implement the Accounting Software package which is the best fit for your business and the budget of course.  Both presenters agreed that no accounting software package is going to be a perfect fit however you need to work out the priorities for the business. Some things are just nice to have at a nice price!  I was impressed with the capabilities of the Triumph Software and it seems very affordable for the small to Medium Business.  It is also an Australian company which is a definite advantage. It’s worth checking out at .

In my opinion there are a lot of businesses outgrowing the basic versions of MYOB and similar products.  MYOB EXO is a step up from smaller business systems however the price is substantially more than the MYOB Accountright versions with their reasonable monthly fee.  Also the support would be more expensive.  I have found MYOB & MYOB EXO helpful in answering questions about what functionality the Business Software packages have, so give them a call with any questions or any of the Software companies.  I’m sure they will be happy to tell you about their product.  The more expensive systems will give you a demo and the smaller Software systems will give you a free trial.

The software package which really caught my attention is a new Business Software solution called Tencia which is also available on the cloud.  The price bracket is not so far above the small Accounting Software packages and it seems to have huge functionality.  The software is built
utilising the Microsoft.NET framework using XML and a Microsoft SQL database which is music to my ears.  SQL makes reporting so much easier. Tencia is designed by Arrow Research Corporation and is also an Australian Company – fantastic. I could type out their whole brochure however why not contact the company for yourself.

In summary there are so many software options out there for businesses and all agreed at the Software Expo to be careful about your selection and use an experienced Partner or Software consultant to help you with the process.  Nobody wants an ill-fitting Business Software solution.





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